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October 30, 2020

Well, hello there! Today's post will be a little different from the others ~ the month of October has been interesting, and I wanted to touch base on the most important part of my life lately.

After being away from Chicago for a month, I come home to a wonderfully clean home that smelt of an Autumn dream. Oh, I've missed the chilly Autumn air and the colorful leaves of the changing season. Coming home to this immediately made me forget any of the stress I was under. I was truly so happy to see Nick.

The next day, our plan was to go apple picking with some friends in the morning. However, suddenly, I went from Miss Kelley to the future Mrs. Mosher. That's right. Nick and I are engaged! If you haven't already heard the news, now you know. We're oh so delighted and looking forward to the lovely days together ahead of us.

On Sunday, October 4th, Nick got down on one knee and said, “being away from you for one month has made me realize I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Happiness is real when shared. Will you marry me, Ashley Rose Kelley?”

Since the first week of our lovely new beginning as fiancés, we've felt as if it were all surreal, almost a dream that we never wanted to wake up from. Nick and I are both so grateful for all the support and the kind words you've expressed. We'd like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts, truly. Thank you!

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  1. Congratulations again!!!! And I love hearing about it!So happy for you both! Also love the logo on your page :)