Vacation Get Away | Camping During a Pandemic!

August 17, 2020

Hi Everyone! So its nearly six months into a global pandemic. If you're like me, you've exhausted all your entertainment means at home, you're stuck in a city with rent due, and you haven't remembered the last time you pampered yourself with some much-needed wanderlust (animal crossing can only hold you off for so long!). Well, honey, I think it's time you start planning a little road trip!

That's precisely what we did. 

Back in 2019, we made plans with my best friend to celebrate her 30th birthday sipping Pina Coladas in Jamaica; however, COVID had other plans. So we rerouted our vacation to the Upper Michigan region on the Lake Huron side for a five-day social distance camping trip.

It took us seven hours to drive to our destination from Chicago, and it was so worth it! There was so much to do at our campground, and the surrounding area, including hiking trails that were right at our campsites, breathtaking nature walks around waterfalls and lakes, incredible scenic drives next to Lake Huron, and the most fantastic winery nearby. Disclaimer: we made sure to be especially safe while out. We wore our mask when we were near more people than just us, washed our hands like crazy, and had hand sanitizer on us at all times! I do not recommend anyone to travel without taking the necessary precautions to protect yourself and the others around you. Below I'll detail out the campground we stayed at, the gear we took to make the most out of Summer camping, the hiking trails we ventured through, and the most wonderful winery that took me by complete surprise with the owner's passion for winemaking.


Rollways Campground, Hale, MI

This campground truly surprised me with the quality of sites, access to restrooms, and its easy accessibility to hiking trails and scenic overlooks. If you're looking for more of a "roughing it" camping trip, this is the perfect campground. The spaces are not small, each site can easily hold two to three tents, but they are secluded, so it is quiet and relaxing too.


Nick and I live a minimalist lifestyle, you can read a little bit about that here, so we don't bring a lot of camping gear. We had brought about 70 items on this trip. Packing this consisted of a 60L hiking backpack, one grocery bag to hold our dry goods, and one small foldable cooler to store our "chilled" products. Check out my packing list below!

Essentials (4)

Drivers License

Accessories (8)

Reading Glasses

Camping (8)

Camp Kitchen (25)

Trash Can
Trash Bags

Food (22)

Dried Fruit
Mixed Nuts
Just Egg (in Hydroflask to keep fresh)
Vegan Bacon
Frozen Hashbrowns
Jasmine Rice
Pizza Dough (premade flour mixture)
Beefsteak Tomato
Vegan Butter
Small Potatoes
Olive Oil
Vegan Marshmallows

Toiletries (4)

Activities To Do Around Rollways Campground

Rollways is perched on a high bluff overlooking Loud Dam Pond on the AuSable River. The river flows from west to east for 138 miles until it reaches the magnificent Lake Huron.

Overlook, Sceneries

Rose Valley Winery

@rosevalleywinery - Go give them a follow and some love on their recent photo(s)!

This was actually the only winery we went to, and honestly, we went back two days after because it was that good.

I can't say kinder words about this winery, the owner, and the staff who work at this hidden gem. We went in not expecting much because from the outside, you would think the place is quite small and rural. However, after tasting their made-in-house wines, having the opportunity to speak with the owner/creator, and get a complimentary tour of the factory, we fell in LOVE with Rose Valley Winery.

We tried everything on their tasting menu, from dry whites to fruit wines and even a six-year-old port wine fermented in a Makers Mark bourbon barrel. SIX YEARS. Guys, this was impeccable wine. We ended our trip by leaving with two bottles of the bourbon port wine, and two bottles of their blackberry fruit wine. If you ever stop by Rose Valley Winery let the owner, Steve, know that I influenced you to come. Steve is an incredible human and deserves all the kindness from you guys!

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! Great pictures and you laid out the trip perfectly! I loved how you spoke about our time :) and I love the pictures of the wine in the city! Beautiful! We definitely have some great memories. Thanks for capturing them in your post ❤