L O N D O N // E N G L A N D - A Guide Where To Eat, Sleep, & Play!

April 24, 2020

Hi Guys! Its been a minute since my last post. I've been going through some family things and haven't had the slightest motivation to write, have you ever felt that way? Just absolutely don't want to do anything until you feel 100% again? It took a bit of time but I'm feeling m u c h better about it all. I'll talk more about my struggle with happiness and mental health in another post because I feel like you'll be able to relate, one way or another and during these unprecedented times we can all use a bit of honest truth of wellness! BUT before that, I wanted to bring you a cheerful article on LONDON // England and where to eat, sleep, and play while you're there!

S L E E P //

Our first stop was such an a d v e n t u r e for us because we planned on staying in a hostel, which was a first for us. We had three people so we managed to get the biggest room they had, three-bed bunk with a sink in the room and it had a balcony! If you know me, you know I was swooning over that! Overall this room costs us $35 per person, I felt like that was completely worth it for our two nights in London. Our honest opinion is that if you're stretched for the budget I think a hostel is perfect for your needs, after all, it is just a place to sleep.

We stayed in Earls Cout neighborhood. It was everything a hipster would love! Loads of cool bars and restaurants around, and its right near a subway too so it was easy to get around. We managed to find this hostel on hostelworld.com!

E A T //

The Shakespeare

99 Buckingham Palace Rd, Westminster, London

We wanted to eat at an original London pub and have their original cuisine, so my friend and I at the time were vegans mainly with the exception of cheese (we were working it out of our diet slowly) and went with a baked/mashed potato and bean dish, while Nick was only dipping his toe in by then so he opted for the bangers and mash dish. Needless to say we were in pub heaven!


Riverside level royal festival hall, London

On our last night, we were craving Asian food and wanted to try some new drinks, and this place was amazing! The food was incredible, they had vegan options that were DELICIOUS and they're drinks were fun and Asian inspired, I really liked my vegatsu dish which was full of crispy seitan with katsu curry sauce. and was served over sticky white rice, and then sakura spritz cocktail, which was was fruity and refreshing!

P L A Y // 

There truly is so much to see in London, we didn't get to see most of what we wanted to! We walked around for hours taking in all the historic architecture, bird (and people) watched while in Hyde Park, strolled down to Kensington palace, then to see Big Ben (found out it was closed to construction!), and even went shopping in Harrod's Department Store. It was a lot of fun!

A few places we didn't get around to going to that I think are super worth the walks are the below!

EL&N London
Portobello Road
Covent Garden
The Shard
Oxford Street
Shakespeare Globe

I had such a great time in London, England and as soon as we can travel again I'm putting this city back on the list to see the other parts we didn't get to see! Let me know if you have been to any of these places or what you're favorite part of London is down below! 

xoxo Ashley


  1. LOVED reading this post and seeing your pictures!

    That picture of you and Kathy sitting on the balcony is super cute. I also love the london flag sheets in your Hostel!

    The food looks amazing!I love the rest of the pictures under play and I'm so glad you got to explore! I know you would have loved more time there and I know someday you will get back to explore more ❤