How To Create A Hygge Home For Autumn & Winter

September 20, 2019

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) has become very popular over the last few years – except many people still don’t completely understand what it is.  Hygge is a Danish word to express the feeling of coziness, warmth and contentment. Practicing Hygge is quite common actually! It's when you're curled up to read your favorite book by candlelight, or when you're simply cozied up under your blanket and watching movies while it's raining outside.

Hygge can be noun, a verb, and an adjective. You can practice by saying things like, “What a hyggelig (hygge-like) home you have!” Or, “It was so hyggelig to see you!” Also, popular: “Saturday night was so hyggelig.” Alternatively, you can be a hyggespreder (someone who spreads the hygge).

In this post, I’ll be sharing some easy ways that you can make your home more hygge-friendly this Autumn and Winter!

Warm Lights are a big hit to instantly hygge up your living space. Some choices would be fairy lights, small round lights, and traditional small white lights but you can also use the flickering candle light to achieve the ambiance of a soft, cozy, and comforting vibe.

Wood is essential for making your home hygge, as the Danes believe that the nature outside should be brought into the home. Go outside and grab some loose branches, or pick up some woody decorations and ornaments from your neighborhood Home Goods. Even some wooden or rattan baskets would add ambiance to your hygge home!

Textures in your home can provide a good contrast add to your comfort and coziness. Be sure to have soft and chunky throw blankets, you can wrap yourself with or some fluffy pillows to compliment with the wood!

Aroma is another big part of hygge because certain smells will help bring nostalgia to positive memories and make your home feel warm, comforting and cozy. AND! If you buy candles with a seasonal scent such as pumpkin, falling leaves, or woodsy you can create a festive and cozy atmosphere instantly.

If you're feeling like having a hygge moment, I recommend having Treats around you. This way you can nibble on a cookie while drinking hot tea and relaxing, wrapped up in your chunky knit throw.

Let us know if you have ever had a hygge moment, and what you like to do in this time, down below!

xoxo Ashley


  1. OMG I love this and I totally do this without knowing I was doing this!!! I always love cuddling up in my blanket with a candle going (I have different ones for different seasons!). I love the fairy lights (but I do need to get more!).

    1. Many people probably are doing this without the knowledge that this is an actual way of life, I know I was! I love everything about Hygge and try to create a hyggelig lifestyle :)

  2. This seems very much like a winter mood, which I love.