The Beginner’s Guide: The Ultimate Travel Checklist

August 2, 2019

Ready for some seriously detailed information on all things checklists?! I've put together this extensive list and live by it religiously so that when I'm packing away for a long haul trip I don't worry that I've forgotten to bring socks or left behind my charging adapter. It's happened before 😳 anyway! Let's get onto the fun stuff, The List!

Travel Documents 

I highly suggest you follow this checklist so that you don't have to worry about anything on your flight! First thing, you should always bring copies of your identification when traveling abroad, you never know what will happen. If someone steals your passport, you can go to the nearest US Embassy and be comfortable knowing you are prepared to be able to come home since you have the authentication you actually live in America and have valuable reasons to come home. Another thing I strongly suggest is to get Travel Insurance. I prefer World Nomads Travel Insurance because it’s completely affordable and gives me peace of mind. If anything goes array you can have a sane mindset that you are covered for anything lost, stolen, damaged, or even missed flights!

  • Passport and copies of your passport!
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of drivers license and/or
  • Copy of ID card
  • RFID bag to keep important documents in
  • Travel Insurance


Because we are going to Europe in the peak times of Fall for a wedding (bless you, Jessi!) we are packing warmer clothing that can be layered, and multipurpose-full! I often bring shirts I can layer with cardigans if it's a more warmer but slight chilly day, and a basic white and stripped tee is perfect to go with a camel colored cardigan! I always opt for natural colors with added touches of blues so for my sweaters I'm bringing my go-to beige turtleneck sweater, blue cashmere turtleneck, mustard yellow cowl neck sweater, and my soft brown sweater to pair with my black ripped skinny jeans, light blue denim, and white jeans with a mix of brown, and black boots and comfortable athletic shoes. Because we're going to a wedding first and afterwards straight to Paris I wanted to bring a dress versatile enough for both a wedding and a nice night out in Paris so I decided to pack my lovely red rose cocktail dress and paired it with leopard heels. Since it will be Fall and the weather will be averaging low 60's to high 40's we will need to bring some outwear. I'm going with my everyday camel colored coat because it goes with literally everything, a red dressier coat for a sprinkle of fun, a lighter jacket such as a bomber, and a black blazer to dress the outfits up a tad! 




Traveling and washing your clothing abroad can sure be a hassle. When trying to find a laundromat, hoping the Air BnB has a washer, or paying the hotel to wash your clothing for you is too much for you, try out Scrubba Bag, it seriously makes life easier! The bag lies flat and is ultra suitcase friendly, just be sure to bring your own soap, and store your dirty clothes in the Scrubba Bag during your trip until you’re ready to wash, then go for it! Don't forget the travel bottle rule 3:1:1 - when packing your liquids, they must be under 3.4 ounces, fit in 1 quart-sized plastic bag and you are allowed 1 bag per passenger.


It can be very stressful on your skin when flying for long times, so I suggest bring some beauty pick me up's! An eye cream or pad that has caffeine in it will reduce puffiness in the eyes as well as a face serum which will reduce swelling. Because the air is incredibly dry in the plane, using lip balm is essential to keep from your lips cracking! I personally love BITE's hydrating lip masks for this and even as an every day lip balm application! After or right before the flight is over with, freshen up a bit. I normally apply my basics, foundation, mascara, lip balm/stick, and brush my hair to lighten it up! 


For Electronics I like to take my tablet with me for playing games, surfing the internet, and reading. I absolutely adore holding a real paper book in hand, mainly due to the wonderful smell of books lol, but it's not practical when you are traveling and don't want to add the extra weight of 3-5 books. Also, don't forget that when you travel outside of the United States you will be charged for roaming data so it's best to upgrade to an international plan with your wireless service or just simply shut off your phone for the time being! I'd opt for the first though, especially now that T-Mobile has the upgrade in most of their plans already. Heeeeeey! 😉 Next I would highly recommend investing in a pair of noise cancelling headphones, they can be a life saver when all you want to do is cancel out the world, shut your eyes, and relax. Especially on that overnight flight ahead of us. And my last item to pack is my chargers for all electronics, and do not forget to pack your adapter, because European outlets are different than America! 

Check back next week for a new post on "Where To Stay - Hotel, AirBnB, or Hostel" 😙
XOXO Ashley


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