The Beginner’s Guide: How To Travel Light

July 26, 2019

Happy Friday everyone! We're back with another "The Beginners Guide" and this week is all about How To Travel LIGHT! I'm actually off to have a fun weekend away back home in sunny Tampa Bay and am so excited to see my friends and my family. I use this method of researching and planning to make sure I pack the right clothing and not too much of it! Let me know in the comments if you've enjoyed reading this! 😃

Start With A Bit of Research

First, gather up a rough idea of what your itinerary may look like. What is it that you’re wishing to do? Are you flying a lot, sightseeing local villages, hiking mountains, exploring museums or shopping in a city? Don't forget to note down any repeat themes.

Check the weather forecast, jot down any special items you know you’ll need, and search Google Images for “your destination” + “street fashion” if you’re interested in knowing how stylish locals dress.

It’s also worth checking into what’s not going to be locally available. Did you know that most European hotels are BYO-washcloth? That many European drugstores require a prescription to buy antibiotic cream? 

Create An Outline of What You'll Be Doing & the Appropriate Attire

Travel Day: I typically opt for cozy + casual attire
Sightseeing: Staying chic is tres important to me but so is comfort so I stick with Chic & Casual
Outdoor Exploring: I'll bring a piece or two of athleisure gear
Going Out: I'm planning on bringing a little black dress with comfortable heels that I can wear multiple times and honestly buy something "culturally chic" from the destination I'm in to go out in! 

Take Pictures of the Complete Outfit Ensemble On You!

Now for the fun part, building out your travel wardrobe! Take pictures of the outfit completed so that you have an easy way of knowing what it is you will want to wear and how you envisioned it in the first place. Be pragmatic in what you’re assigning for each outfit and think about your go-to pieces that you love to wear all the time.

Leave behind anything that doesn’t fit quite right, anything that’s uncomfortable, and anything that you don’t think you’ll wear more than once. And be realistic: If you’re not totally sold on bringing something along, leave it behind!

Check out next weeks post on "The Ultimate Travel Checklist" where I'll show you how to pack a carry on suitcase for a trip with extensive organization! 😄
XOXO Ashley


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  2. Love the outfits!!! You're so cute!!! They look great and these are some good tips. I've never taken photos of the outfits, just put them together in my head. This may be something to try!

    1. By putting this little effort into your packing plan, you save SO much time with worrying about how you look :)

  3. Great advice, Ashley! Hope you had a fun time in Tampa. Those shoes❤️

    1. Thank you! It was a very nice time :) and I KNOW RIGHT, these shoes are dreams for feet <3

  4. Love this post! The idea of taking pictures of each outfit is so smart!!