Refreshing Mocktails for Summer - Perfect For Fourth Of July!

July 1, 2019

Watermelon & Lime Mojito Mocktail 🍹

Truth: I don’t like to drink alcohol and when I’m craving those fruity summery drinks everyone associates brunch with I turn to a mocktail! If you’re looking for a fruity drink that everyone will love check out the recipe below! 🌺

🍉2 cups Watermelon Juice
🌊1 Cups Sparkling Water
🍈Juice of 1 Lime
🌱1 Tsp Mint

🌱Mint leaves


GUYS! This is SUCH an easy drink recipe to make for the summer, or if you have leftover melon that you need to finish before it goes bad 🙈BUT literally all you do is purée a quarter melon in a blender, add 1 cup of sparkling water, juice of 1 lime, and a tsp of chopped mint into a pitcher to chill. Then serve with a topping of mint leaves and voila! Ya got yourself a watermelon mojito mocktail! Just add tequila for a watermelon mojito cocktail!

What are some of your favorite summer drinks? Let me know down below!

Thanks a MELON 🍉
XOXO Ashley

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