The Beginner’s Guide: What To Pack In Your Personal Bag

June 28, 2019

Welcome back to part duex of "The Beginners Guide"! I'm so excited about the post because this is where the fun starts - I'm showing you what to pack in your personal item for the flight! All of the below is based on my experience, there is no better feeling then getting off a 15 hour flight feeling refreshed and ready to explore! Follow this checklist and you won't be sorry 💛

Hairbrush, mouth wash - in travel size bottle, and this natural makeup remover cloth that needs no chemicals just water!

Only if this is going to be near you at all times. Pack your laptop, extra chargers, and miscellaneous things.

EXTRA Copies of Travel Documents
Rather be safe than sorry?! I would!

Essential Makeup
You don't need 5 shades of lipstick on a flight so carry your basic makeup essentials. For me it's my moisturizer - to give my skin a quick "pick me up", eye cream - for my tired eyes to look "fresh", foundation, foundation sponge, eyebrow makeup, mascara, and one lip balm/stick.

Deodorant/Face Wipes
These are a good way to feel fresh, especially during long flights.

Toothpaste and Toothbrush
Just like the wipes, brushing your teeth is so refreshing. Hog the bathroom for a bit and freshen up. It makes all the difference.

Feminine Products
Don't get weird here, I'm just being real with ya'll. Long travel days usually means no shower. So, I always pack a few panty liners and change throughout my trip. And it never hurts to pack a spare pair of undies!

Sleep mask, and travel pillow. These are crucial to me for my sanity on these long flights!

It's not fun when you're on a 15 hour flight with a beating headache or an upset stomach so be sure to triple check your essential meds. I usually bring a small pill case for general ailments like headaches, nausea, and allergies.

Tablet for reading, charger for phone & tablet, noise cancelling headphones, camera and extra batteries/SD card for camera.

Travel Documents
Lastly. don't forget your travel docs, guys! Remember to make copies of everything for your sanity and safety. Passport - copies of that, copies of drivers license/ID, copies of birth certificate, travel insurance - copies of that too! You can NEVER be too safe guys, especially when you're going to a different country than you're used to! Also, when carrying all of this I highly suggest you carry it in a protected RFID bag for added security. No, I'm not paranoid of thieves... 😐

Check out next weeks post on "How To Travel Light!" where I'll show you how to pack a carry on suitcase (backpack) for a trip with extensive organization! 😄
XOXO Ashley


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! If this check list can help me be more organized I'm sure it can help others :)

  2. I made the mistake of forgetting my toothbrush & toothpaste in my personal bag on my way to Paris & it was terrible. Never again!! :]

    // Carmen

    1. Eek! Pas bon! Not good! Fingers crossed I won't wither haha!

  3. Such a helpful little guide! I always struggle with packing ��

    1. I'm happy it's helpful for you <3 I'll have more so stay tuned! :)