How To Spend 72 Hours in Toronto Canada

June 24, 2019

Hi beautiful people! You can ask anybody that knows me well what I dream of when I think of a weekend getaway and either I'll say camping or Canada! I absolutely adore the atmosphere, environment, food, and most of all - the people! So this past holiday Nick and I decided to take a spontaneous drive up to Toronto to spend a weekend away from Chicago and do some local tourism in Canada!

We decided to stay in an AirBnB for our weekend getaway and it was truly the BEST one we've been in so far! Our apartment was located in the Fort York neighborhood just outside the entertainment district. We were able to see the CN Tower straight from our window! I really loved this booking because it was in a residential building but the apartment seemed to have been owned by a management that treated this as a hotel, with fresh linens, shampoos & conditioners, even slippers! In addition to our hotel like service, this place was so light and airy, and fashionably furnished with a super comfy bed that had TONS of pillows, fully stocked kitchen with pots and pans, coffee maker AND coffee, and the best part - a washer and dryer! Needless to say I would 100% recommend this place for your next adventure

This time around Nick and I took advantage of just relaxing and living more like a local. We didn't go to any tourist attraction restaurants, but the places we did go to were worth notating! 

We came here as soon as we got in, we were starving and wanted sushi BAD and this place did not disappoint! We were seated right away, the staff were super attentive and friendly, and the food was mouthwatering delicious 😋

We went here right after dinner for some drinks, and ended up finding new drafts we loved and a new friend to host after her college graduation! I'm telling ya'll, people are sooo nice in Canada and I love it! Highly recommend finding this place and popping a squat by the harbor for a cold brew and nice vibes. 

Food is great, and the service is fast. Try this place out if you want a relaxed start to your mornings. Ask to sit upstairs for a "terrace" feel! They'll even have friends playing on the TV's!

I CAN NOT TELL YOU ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS PLACE. Well maybe I can start with, they serve Beyond Meat Burgers!!!! PSA to all my vegan friends out there, Beyond Burgers are served here with an incredible atmosphere of an English style pub, and great friends. They brew their own drafts and even make them "Organic" - I swear I could live in this restaurant forever!

We ended our trip with this light and airy brunch spot that reminded me of all the good in the 90s. They played Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, you name it! On top of that their atmosphere was Influencer friendly with bright pops of pinks and blues and textured walls with palm leaves. It was incredible. But the food was even better! I got eggs with avocado (seems to be a staple in Toronto) and boooooooooy was it delicious. 

There are SO many things to do in Toronto, I'm never sure where to start actually! If you're the same way, then take a look at the places we went to and hopefully they spark interest for you to try them out too! 

First things first, shopping in Toronto is huge and with all the amazing Canadian based companies where does a girl start? Younge-Dundas Square, thats where! 
Younge-Dundas Square is a ginormous shopping mall filled with all the brands you can think of, plus more that are Canadian based. 
Queen Street is another place to drop some cash, this place is just different than the mall because it's on the street (Queens Street) and has a bunch of boutique stores. Totally up my alley - oh yeah and it's also where all the street art is located too!

Late Night Shenanigans
If you're looking for something a little more activity based then I highly recommend The Rec Room it's an arcade for adults, hosting hundreds of classic games as well as brand new ones! They have a full bar and it's reasonably priced! 

Distillery District
We love coming to this area because of the amazing brews and international staff, but mostly because our favorite wildlife photographer, Jason Leo Bantle, has a gallery here called All In The Wild. Ever since stumbling in last year we haven't stopped supporting the photographer! Just look at his images, they're breathtakingly beautiful! 

Niagara Falls
Something on practically everybody's bucket list when they come to Canada is the Niagara Falls, which I suggest visiting at least once in your lifetime, because you truly won't feel the rush anywhere else 😉

If you do decide to check it out, make some time for Niagara-on-the-lake, it's a sweet little town just 30 minutes north of the falls that has multiple shops and restaurants. It reminds me of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls! I stopped into a little store called Soap Stories there and ended up leaving with a bag full of new beauty goodies! Check them out when you're there and tell them Ashley sent ya! 😊

If you've been, let me know what your favorite spot in Canada is down below in the comments!
XOXO Ashley


  1. That Airbnb is super cute!! Also love your dress. Where did you get it???

    1. It was my favorite of all AirBnBs! My dress is from Joe Fresh in Canada!

  2. I'd say my favorite place to shop at was Roots in Younge 'n Dundas.

  3. These pictures are beautiful, Ashley, and it sounds like you both had a wonderful time. Maybe this will be our next trip!

  4. what an amazing travel guide! definitely going to save this for when I go to canada soon!
    xx jen

    1. You're very kind, thank you! <3

      Love your blog btw :)

  5. I would love to visit one day! All your pictures are so lovely

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