B O S T O N // M A S S A C H S E T T E S

March 8, 2019

Hey Ya'll! Back in February Nick and I took a weekend trip out to Boston, MA for a family baby shower. It was my very first time that way out on the north east coast, and I wanted to take you guys along with me. We didn't have much time to stroll around the city but what we could do I will tell you alllllll about it! I'm so happy to finally get this "Guide To" post out, click "Read More" and scroll down for more! P.S. If you scroll all the way down you get short & sweet responses to where to eat and what activities to do in both Boston & Providence, RI!

Boston is a historic city, with old colonial buildings, a long history, and a strong link to the founding of the country. Though Boston may be one of the biggest cities in the country, it has more of a large town feel to it than that of a metropolis. Here you’ll find friendly locals, great bars, good restaurants, and a ton of American history!

Since we only had a few days to explore the city we opted to walk around looking at murals like this Dewey Square Market Mural and go for local eats and drinks. As soon as we got to the city we went to Sorelle Bakery & Cafe for a quick brunch à partager. Cheese pizza and a lemon bar! I would say this is definitely worth checking out, but I sort of wish we tried the french cafe Miel. Mainly because I try to find French cafes everywhere I go LOL!

As I mentioned before we went to Boston for a family baby shower, and instead of renting out a venue for the party it actually was hosted at their house which is basically in the woods! I was in AWE guys. Their place is absolutely beautiful. A big plus is that it's actually isolated perfectly - while they have their privacy, and solitude, they still have neighbors near by if needed, because it takes a village to raise a baby, am I right guys? 😉

This is actually where I learned, quite hard, that I am....allergic to cats!! The two kitties you see here are Lilly & Kane. Look at those two babies faces I mean who can restrain themselves from squishing their sweet faces with your face snuggling up to them?! I actually learned that dark colored fur could be the cause of different dander than others, because I'm also allergic to my best friends Bengal kitty, Kyo. However I was recently told that it could be their saliva as well. Moral of this story is that I'm allergic to specific cats, and that's not going to stop me from squishing them and giving all my love to each and every cat in the world! 😻 I'll just wash my hands before touching anything 😹

After a very successful baby shower party, playing the infamous card game, euker, and beating Andy  - Nick's super smart older brother - in it (life accomplishment in the books! YAS), eating loads of food and drinking yummy coffee, it was our time to say goodbye and head back into the city to spend a little more time before we caught our flight home. BUT WAIT. Because we fly standby our flight out of Boston was actually fully booked and we needed to find another airport. Thankfully Providence, Rhode Island wasn't too far. So the last day we had we spent the time wandering around Federal Hill stopping in and out of little shops, and one of them being this quaint little coffee shop, Vanuatu. They have some amazing coffee choices, but we opted for the usual latte and chai tea! 

All in all we had an amazing time on our trip to the upper east coast. We definitely want to come back in the spring or summer time and spend more time walking around Boston, checking out the tea party spots, and especially the oldest bar in America where George Washington drank! I hope ya'll liked this Guide To - Boston post, let me know down below! 

xoxo Ashley

Scrolling down for easy access of what to do in Boston? Check out the links below 😊




  1. I've never been to Boston but I want to go! My list keeps growing and growing of places to see. So glad you two got to explore some!!! :)

    1. It's such a cute city! Feels more like a town, and the people seem to be so incredibly nice there :)

  2. I want to travel so bad! This inspires me.

    1. Inspiring others is what I always want to do <3

      I would have to say travel as much as you can, life is short!

  3. Boston is such a great city and I’m glad you guys will get the chance to go back again.

  4. Loving your white sweater so much!!!!

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