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January 2, 2019

2018 was a real year for me. I learned a lot about myself that caught me off guard. I learned that what I most want is the simplest hopes and dreams of being happy and healthy. I learned that you can never read too many books, to never stop learning, self-care is essential, and you create your own happiness. 

For the New Year I will continue with these practices. It is critical to the essence of my happiness to remain self-aware and continue being kind and having courage in everything that I do. I hope the same for you beautiful people and all things bright in your life and don’t forget, its 365 new days, which means 365 new chances. ✨

Simply Happy and Healthy

For 2019, my practices will consist of staying happy and healthy physically as well as emotionally. 2018 was hard for me to stay happy with every bad news I had been given. My grandmother whom I love so much was diagnosed with Cancer a few years back and has beaten it, we were all so happy! Then we got a call months later saying there is a mass left over that is cancerous. I couldn’t explain it if I tried but the saying “out of body experience” took over me and I couldn’t handle it well. She starts chemo and radiation soon again and I’m hoping for nothing but a healthy and happy outcome, on both ends! 

You Can Never Read Too Many Books

In 2018, I read 10 new books and since reading for fun again, my imagination has grown so much and I feel so much more excited to create. I’m always so inspired by the characters and genuinely feel happy among my growing collection of literature. I want to set a goal for 2019 to read 15 to 20 new books!

Never Stop Learning

I’m a strong believer that you should always keep learning and adding new ideas and opinions to your mindset. Who says when you’re out of school you have to stop learning?! In 2018 I read one of my favorite books “Astrophysics for people in a hurry” by Neil DeGrasse Tyson and boy was that an incredible read! I have always loved science and found space super(nova) interesting so when I picked this up I couldn’t put it down. I learned so much in such a hurry! 

Self-Care is Essential 

I have anxiety. It’s a friend of mine that I started to get along with last year, wasn’t easy but it is possible. I decided that I was going to take on meditation seriously and it’s made all the difference. I’m no longer stressed afterwards, my body feels great, my minds clear and to be honest I absolutely love coming back to life with a fresh mind. 

You Create Your Own Happiness

Chris McCandless once said “Happiness Only Real When Shared” which I agree 100% with. You decide who to share your happiness with. You decide what makes you happy. Make sure to spend your time with ones who you love and who make you a better person, because when you are kind and have the courage to do what you want, you become rich in life with friends and stories to tell. What I hope to take from this past year into 2019 is not material objects but rather more memories and stories to tell my friends and loved ones. 

What did you learn in 2018, and what are your resolutions?? Leave your comments down below ♡

Xoxo Ashley

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  1. Ashley, I love your resolutions. They really focus on what’s most important.