B O S T O N // M A S S A C H S E T T E S

Hey Ya'll! Back in February Nick and I took a weekend trip out to Boston, MA for a family baby shower. It was my very first time that way out on the north east coast, and I wanted to take you guys along with me. We didn't have much time to stroll around the city but what we could do I will tell you alllllll about it! I'm so happy to finally get this "Guide To" post out, click "Read More" and scroll down for more! P.S. If you scroll all the way down you get short & sweet responses to where to eat and what activities to do in both Boston & Providence, RI!

What I Eat In A Day - Vegetarian Version!

Good morning loves! Back in the beginning days of blogging, there used to be a thing called “What I Ate Wednesday” where food and fitness bloggers would write a diary-style post going through their day and everything they ate. Now suitable, it's Wednesday and I know It's been a cool minute since I posted a "What I Eat" article, so I don't want to keep you up here, why don't ya'll go ahead click "Read More" and scroll on down 😘

Books To Read This Winter...

Whilst I am all for considering proactive change in the New Year, I am also a massive advocate for a bit of self-love, and if that comes in the form of snuggling in your duvet with a hot cuppa and a good read then these books should have you covered. I've chosen these books because of the stories, they're all either about overcoming hardships, embracing memories, or becoming a better version of you, and I think that's important to remember for the new year. To be open to new beginnings, ending toxic relationships, and reminiscing the good times and growing from the bad. So, here are my top five book choices to get you through the cold and snowy months! 

The Vegan Diet

Ever since I could remember, I never really liked meat. Being from a Czech family where meat was a staple I would always opt to eat all my sauerkraut and left the poultry to the side. Growing up I loved eating broccoli steamed or raw and indulging in cheese straight from the bag while enjoying strawberries for dessert, however I was a culprit to coffee flavored ice cream! I would swirl it until it became creamy... I played a lot with my food growing up lol.

24 years later I wanted to take on a challenge and become Vegan for two weeks to see how I feel during and after the task. That meant no tacos unless vegetarian, no cheese unless vegan or homemade (which is amazing BTW - more on that later), and no more ice cream unless it's noyo-froyo (cherishable moment when you crave fro-yo and can't have it, then find a specialty boutique store that sells it by the cup down the street from you... BLESS THIS WORLD AND BLESS CHICAGO).

Take my hand, let's go on an adventure

2018 was a real year for me. I learned a lot about myself that caught me off guard. I learned that what I most want is the simplest hopes and dreams of being happy and healthy. I learned that you can never read too many books, to never stop learning, self-care is essential, and you create your own happiness. 

For the New Year I will continue with these practices. It is critical to the essence of my happiness to remain self-aware and continue being kind and having courage in everything that I do. I hope the same for you beautiful people and all things bright in your life and don’t forget, its 365 new days, which means 365 new chances. ✨