M A N H A T T A N // N E W Y O R K C I T Y

November 13, 2018

Welcome to New York! As Taylor Swift once said "its a new sound track that I can dance to forever more". 

OK lets be real guys. Wanna know how I got this super cool picture with NO ONE in it? Yes, I am good with photoshop but not that good haha! Nick and I are the real deal here. We had woken up at FIVE O CLOCK. Yes. That early to get to the bridge at sunrise (6:30 AM) when no one is around. Needless to say I've finally checked off "be a morning person" from my bucket list. lol.

Do I have to leave? 

Honestly. I've fallen in love with this city. This is bad. 

What's funny is that my whole adulthood I've been anti-NYC. For its dirty trash laying about on the streets, that are already congested with people, and overpriced well, everything. LOL. And coming back 5 years later for my birthday weekend has completely transformed my decision on New York. I love it here. Did you know that in Central Park you can walk your dog without a leash until 9 AM? I found that cool fact out by a sweet man who not so ironically was walking his dog off the leash too. Also, you can ticket a person after 9 AM if their dog is running around without one. So New Yorker of them hah! But I love it. 

Lets dive right into this travel guide, shall we? I have a loooot to talk about where to stay, eat, shop, and explore! 

Stay - We stayed at the Warwick Hotel off 54th and 6th. I highly recommend this hotel because it close to practically everything. Not only is it a block away from shopping on 5th avenue, but the famous "LOVE" sign is right on its corner! 

Eat - I didn't want to eat like a tourist this time around so we got a slice from a cute hole in the wall pizzeria, tried a new bread from Maison Kaiser that was cooked with white chocolate, and had classic New York street foods! 

Shop - New York is known for its 5th avenue shopping district with Saks, Louis Vuitton, and Bergdorf Goodman just around the corner, but what many tourist don't know is that NYC is also known for its sample sales - luxury brands selling their products for up to 80% off the retail price! Vintage Chanel and Chole were happening this weekend - you would've caught me there!

Explore - When in Rome, right!? You gotta check out Central Park and take a little hike to Belvedere Castle, peruse among the pond, and climb the rocks to view the astonishingly beautiful scenery that is Manhattan. Brooklyn Bridge is a must see (obvi) and to get the best pictures prepare to be up before the sun and head north on the bridge towards Manhattan for those killer skyline photo add ins! 

xoxo Ashley

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