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November 30, 2018

Hi Ya'll! I'm so excited for this post because I get to share with you my time in Missouri! For every Thanksgiving Nick and his family come down to the family farm to gather and spend the holiday together. I wanted to show you how beautiful it is here, and what we did on "cabin time" and I mean just how BREATH TAKING it is here, ugh 😍
Before I dive into my talking I wanted to mention what I am most grateful for since it was Thanksgiving when we went down! I feel so grateful for each and everyone of Nick's family members. They are kind, generous, and overall phenomenal humans. For the past two years they have opened their arms to me and I haven't been more grateful to gather around the table with all of them. His mom is a saint, treating me as if we were friends all along, and his father is the kindest man I have ever met (now I know where Nick gets it lol)! Thank you so much for allowing me the time with your family, and for opening your arms to me! 

What I absolutely love about being in nature is the surreal feeling of serenity and tranquility I have. I instantly become this intrinsic person to it, it being nature. Some people say they're either "city folk" or "outdoorsy", I say I can be both when put into either environment, but I am my best self when in the outdoors. 

Tall trees, crunchy leaves, and an evergreen smell in the air makes for the perfect time to take walks through the forests! As you know Nick and I love waking up before the sun does for our "golden hour" shots and the abundance of opportunities you have that early. Here on the farm we were able to smell the fresh air and see the beautiful sunrise while the cows moo and the birds chirp. And that my friends, was one way to put a big smile on my face!

Being from down south I never experienced the real cold, and I never knew what happens to nature and when I saw leaves down by the river FROZEN I was in total glee. The leaves looked so pretty frozen in place with frost allll over them, eek! I know this is probably so lame but it was such a cool experience to feel it and see it! 😂

For thanksgiving we had a wonderful time being cozy and cabin-like. As the sun was setting over the pond we retreated inside to have dinner. We drank some wine and played a game, one that was actually new to me called "Sequence". Have you guys played it before?? I absolutely loved playing it!! It challenges your brain in a number way, but it didn't feel exhausting. Once that was over, Nick wanted to check out the starry night, and when I say it was a starry night I mean it! Just look at how many stars we were able to catch on camera!! 

As we were prepping to leave cabin life, I couldn't help but stop to have a hot cuppa on the deck overlooking the Gasconade River. I saw a Bald Eagle fly overhead and a Red-headed Wood Pecker drumming on a nearby tree. Bliss. Pure bliss down here in Missouri.  

xoxo Ashley

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