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October 24, 2018

Happy hump day everyone! I'm so excited to say that I am picking up a few new British literature books to read for the next two weeks. One of my best friends lives in Germany, going to Uni, and has to read the following books for her classes, and if ya'll know me then you know that I looooooove school and so I'm reading them with her! It's kind of like a overseas bookclub! 😃 Well let me know if you guys have read any of these and what you thought about them!  

The Reluctant Fundamentalist - I am super interested in reading this book because it sheds light on a topic that can be touchy. It's an insight on the life of a Pakistani man pre & post 9/11. 

"At a cafe table in Lahore, a bearded Pakistani man converses with an uneasy American stranger. As dusk deepens to night, he begins the tale that has brought them to this fateful encounter . . . Changez is living an immigrant s dream of America. At the top of his class at Princeton, he is snapped up by an elite valuation firm. He thrives on the energy of New York, and his budding romance with elegant, beautiful Erica promises entry into Manhattan society at the same exalted level once occupied by his own family back in Lahore.But in the wake of September 11, Changez finds his position in his adopted city suddenly overturned, and his relationship with Erica shifting. And Changez s own identity is in seismic shift as well, unearthing allegiances more fundamental than money, power, and maybe even love."

The TempestI'm super excited to read this novel from William Shakespeare! Anything to do with Shakespeare, I'm game all the time. Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet, what can I say, I love the classics. 

"Shakespeare's valedictory play is also one of his most poetical and magical. The story involves the spirit Ariel, the savage Caliban, and Prospero, the banished Duke of Milan, now a wizard living on a remote island who uses his magic to shipwreck a party of ex-compatriots. A storm, a shipwreck, an enchanted island ...A violent storm shipwrecks the King of Naples and his noblemen on what appears to be an uninhabited island. What the king doesn’t know is that they have been brought here by powerful magic. Prospero, the mysterious ruler of the island, has a plan, but will he use his magic for good or bad against the castaways? His daughter, Miranda, has never seen another man except her father. What will she think of the stranger who stumbles into her life? Prospero’s monstrous servant, Caliban, sees a chance to overthrow his master. Will he succeed? Enchantment and treachery are everywhere on the island – which will prove the stronger?"

Vile Bodies - I'm very excited about this book, because the reviews are outstanding. So I have big hopes for this book! 

"In the years following the First World War a new generation emerged, wistful and vulnerable beneath the glitter. The Bright Young Things of 1920s London, with their paradoxical mix of innocence and sophistication, exercised their inventive minds and vile bodies in every kind of capricious escapade. In these pages a vivid assortment of characters, among them the struggling writer Adam Fenwick-Symes and the glamorous, aristocratic Nina Blount, hunt fast and furiously for ever greater sensations and the hedonistic fulfillment of their desires. Evelyn Waugh's acidly funny satire reveals the darkness and vulnerability beneath the sparkling surface of the high life."

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