Let Me Tell You A Little Something...

October 9, 2018

I've been out of college for a little over a year, and now I'm in the world of numbers and spreadsheets, accounting that is! I used to be in merchandising/purchasing industry and loved every minute of it! Buying is a lot like being the best gift shopper - you're essentially shopping for what is trendy for your friends to have an amazing product for a small price in happiness and glee!

Although I love my job, I decided to start this blog because I felt like something was missing. I needed an outlet to share all things real!

Life, because no one has a picturesque life lets be real! For example, I have anxiety that can rise and fall in an instance. What makes me anxious? Graduating college for one - I didn't want to leave my "childhood" to have a life of constant repetition of "eat, sleep, work". My goal in life is to avoid that black hole and figure a way to live a balanced happy and healthy life in this crazy world of ours and I hope this blog will pave the path for me, and you, some day!

Good Food, we all want to jump on that Whole30, Paleo, Keto, or Mediterranean diet but how do we start? I'll be here to help you with some delicious recipes! I'm allllll about the sugar free, all natural, even gluten free foods - with the exception of baked goods, cause you need those sugar sweets once in a while, hah!

A Little Fashion, I was once told by a high school class mate that I always looked so dolled up and dressed so nicely, and I was taken back by her kind words. That's what sparked the start of my college career into fashion. Here on Mon Chat, Cacahuete I express myself through my clothing and I want to show you all how you can do it on a budget, cause this girl has student loan debt that ain't here to party, lol.

And A Lot Of Adventure, my moto in life is "have no what if's" If I want to go on a spontaneous camping trip to Canada I'll do it, or if I want to go to New York City for a weekend to eat some damn good pizza (New York Style is the way to go!), lets hop on the next flight. Because you only do live once, and I want to live my best life possible.

That's where this blog will take you.
xoxo Ashley

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