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October 26, 2018

Happy Friday everyone!! I wanted to introduce you to a new segment of mine called "Feature Fridays". I will feature all of this years trends for fashion, beauty, foodies every Friday to keep everyone up to date! I hope you like this weeks feature - its all about this years trends, patterns, and styles! Brown, orange, and neutral Earthy tones and textures have been a hit so far this Autumn, and I can see the upcoming months into Winter the hues will turn more into whites, greys, and creams with touches of earthy patterns!

by Monchatcacahuete

I've been on a designer dupe kick lately, and LOVING it. I've found so many affordable and high quality products that look so close to the name brand. My favorite purchase so far is this Chloe lookalike handbag from Goodnight Macaroon, and my GG belt. I wear them all the time! I've heard of some other designer dupes on Amazon and I found some more handbags and can't wait to get them in to see if the reviews are true to quality! I'm thinking of doing a Amazon Round Up next week on the blog, what do ya'll think? 

Wanna see the high quality $7 vest, the $22 sweater, and more?! Let me know down below!
xoxo Ashley

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