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September 24, 2018

I feel like Bilbo from The Hobbit right now, I’m going on an adventure! Ever gone somewhere you’ve never been, and alone? It’s invigorating, life changing even. I love it. I try to go somewhere new every year and so far this year has been Toronto, and now Nashville! Other than driving through and stopping for lunch when I was a kid, I have never really been to Nashville. Actually, I was quite excited to explore Tennessee by myself. My favorite thing to do in a new destination is find a café where I can eat pastries and write stories – I’m hoping to find little cafés where Americana and southern hospitality truly live.

My start to the trip was a little hectic, other than having major anxiety due to thinking I wouldn’t even get here – thank you non-rev standby life – but it all worked out cause as I write these words I’m sipping on some American Airline coffee at 11:00 PM, aye to that last minute life yo – it keeps me on my toes!

I’m not sure if everyone is like this, but everyplace I travel to has some type of significance to me. I find the everyday life of a local - anywhere in the world - to be tantalizing. I crave to understand the way of life. I read somewhere that we must take adventures in order to know where we belong. So guys, I dove in for a 24 hour trip, and will now guide you on how to embody the true nature of a “Nashvillian”!

Loose V Neck similar here // Ripped Jeans mine are old similar here // Wool Hat // Layered Necklace // Slip On Shoes // Sandals 
If you find yourself in Nashville for 24 hours, I took it upon myself and went around, making friends and asking around for where to go and what to do as a local and these were their recommendations!
  1. Broadway Strip – Yes, it’s probably the most tourist idea but everyone is set on outsiders visiting. It’s Nashville’s “Vegas Strip”. Tons of bars, no covers and you can pretty much expect to hear nothing but country music! Check out Nudies Honky Tonk, they are the longest bar in Nashville and in my opinion has the best coke & whiskey. 
  2. Nashville "I Believe In Nashville" mural - I mean you have to go here. It's a must! It's in a neighborhood where there are a lot of college students, so cheap coffee brews and affordable fashion are all round the bend from this special spot. 
  3. Pumpkin Patch Co - Perfect for fall! We just couldn't help ourselves, we had to! Right down on 12 Avenue South is this darlin' pumpkin patch with all kinds of colorful gourds. I kept going towards the pink and orange pumpkins - they just caught my eye with their unique skin! 
  4. Crema – This happened to be my faaaaaaaavorite café! I went straight here after the airport and I have to say, this is a perfectly chill place with delicious food and tasty brews. Americana meets comfort food truly lives here. They have a coffee infused with mint! I won’t lie, I’ve had three… they’re just THAT good!
  5. Frothy Monkey – Pretty much everyone I’ve talked with has recommended to go to Frothy Monkey on 12 Avenue South (not the one directly downtown!) it has every southern comfort food you can think of, plus it’s an adorable atmosphere! I had the blueberry infused espresso drink, comes with a shot of sparkling water, I just thought that was so sweet. 
  6. I went for a walk around Vanderbilt University and to my surprise they had boutique stores with items I fell in love with, I wanted to buy the whole store of Tribe Kelley. It doesn’t hurt that the store has my exact last name in it! I mean how cute is this hat in the last picture!? It was one of 20 hats made identical to Brian Kelley's of Florida Georgia Line! Ain't it darlin'!? 

I had a phenomenal time exploring the streets here, the architecture was stunning and the scenery was breathtaking. I'm sure looking forward to my next time down south - I can go for more Hot Chicken hah! I love hearing what you guys think, so if you have ever been to Nashville let me know where and what you loved the most down below! 💜
 xoxo Ashley

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  1. Ashley, this looks like such a fun place to visit. That avocado toast is calling my name!