Casual Friday At The Office

September 21, 2018

Mine is old but here is a similar top // Pants // Sandals // Name Necklace // Drop Necklace // Letter Necklace // Watch // Silver Ring // Rose Gold Ring // Handbag less expensive here 

Hi ya'll! This post is going to be short and sweet because I'm on my way to Nashville, TN for a quick weekend getaway - posts on that will be up shortly! I have never stayed in Nashville, but have driven through and stopped to eat while on a road trip with family haha, so this trip is quite exciting for me. I'm really looking forward to all the country music (basically my roots since my mom is obsessed), southern food, and most of all the scenery! I'm a total sucker for trees, mountains, and greenery all around, that's why I always go for that kind of background - like these pictures above! 

Mine is old but here is a similar top // Pants // Sandals // Name Necklace // Drop Necklace // Letter Necklace // Watch // Silver Ring // Rose Gold Ring // Handbag less expensive here 

Since I was in college I always opted for something white in my outfits - white pants, white tops, white shoes - I have a knack for it - and I'm almost ALWAYS wearing my white pants to work. This outfit was for a casual Friday on a warmer day in September. My pants are from American Eagle but I purchased them off Poshmark. These fit just like a glove, I love them so much and on the plus side I only paid $12 for them brand new! Also my top is from Old Navy and get this, I paid $3 for it - Old Navy has these amazing deals which this one was 75% off! My shoes are also from Old Navy, I bought these when I bought my top and only paid $8 for them. Eek! 

I'm a lover of all things jewelry and aren't these pieces so chic!? My three necklaces are all separate - the "Ashley" piece has been a staple in my life, I got mine from Soufflee! I absolutely love to layer my necklaces, bracelets, and even rings. Layering your jewelry is super trendy at the moment, and definitely will stick for some time! 

What's your go to trend for jewlery? Do you go all in with layers or do you keep it delicate and soft? 
Let me know in the comments! 

xoxo Ash

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