Lifestyle Dieting With Whole30

April 3, 2018

Bonjour, It's finally SPRING mes chéries! 

I hope everyone’s weekend was full of light and laughter.🌻

Don't you just love spring with her bright vivid flowers, and the moody weather? Nothing beats the beauty of nature! And come spring also comes the cleaning sessions, am I right? Nick and I were busy bees this weekend - we finally received our furniture, and our little home is coming together! I’ll post up some pictures once we finalize all the artwork being hung up. 

Today will be a shorter article as I want to talk about lifestyle dieting. Lifestyle dieting is defined as Clean, Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Primal and Mediterranean. People normally don’t look at these as “diets” rather they look at them as a way of life, hence the term lifestyle dieting.
Ever since moving to Chicago five years ago (still can’t believe it has been that long!) I picked up the habit of eating healthier and cleaner, meaning wholesome. Growing up I was taught to eat healthy foods, but never did I realize that even though I was eating healthy it didn’t mean I was eating wholesome and organically.

I have done many case studies before such as the 21 Day Fix and boy did it do miracles! I had lost 15 pounds, toned my body, and developed a cleaner way of eating in just 3 weeks. I absolutely love this lifestyle diet, but I heard some really great reviews on the Whole30 as well. The Whole30 diet avoids any and all dairy, sugar (natural sugar is fine, just limit the intake), grains, legumes, and alcohol. A good friend of mine tried it out and her results were incredible, I was intrigued and I like to try new things. So starting today I set aside the 21 Day Fix cookbooks and have implemented this lifestyle into my days! I’ll be sharing my meals and recipes, letting you know how I feel on it, how it has changed me, and the outcome after the month is over. Maybe this lifestyle will stick around longer, maybe I’ll hate it but through this case study it will allow me stay on track with clean eating without watching calories, which is something I loathe doing haha. The best thing about this is that you can eat all day long as long as you’re not over eating or eating non-compliant food! Below I’ll post a “What I Eat in a Day” version for the Whole30 because I understand how tough it can be to figure out what to eat when you’re doing this!

What I Eat In a Day – The Whole30 Way 

My day typically starts around 5:45-6:00 AM, waking up this early allows me plenty time to prep my meals for the day, get ready for work, and water our beautiful flowers. I’ve been obsessive over having flowers in every room and so happy that spring is here and I can grow organic herbs finally! I’m a big fan of egg white breakfasts with herbs and spices – not a big fan of the yolk in eggs, ick – and usually pair with fruit that is in season, currently bananas and/or oranges, and either tomatoes or avocado for a little savory addition. I’m pretty vocal about not wasting food so for lunch I’ll typically have last night’s leftovers, which today were breadless chicken tenders, roasted sweet potatoes, and brussel sprouts drizzled with balsamic glaze (check for compliancy!). Nick and I both agreed that this dish would be a staple in our home cooked meals, it was that good – but we’re both suckers for balsamic glazed brussel sprouts hah! Also, if you’re a snacker like me you’ll want to pack compliant treats to get you through the day too. I pack enough that sometimes I bring food back home. Today I have brought half a cup of two different nuts for variation, cashews and pistachios, an apple pie Larra Bar, one banana, two mandarins, and these mouthwatering blueberry energy balls I made at home. Nick absolutely went crazy for these blueberry energy balls and it makes my heart so happy that he likes something so healthy! I always wonder if I should have pursued my passion for cooking because it’s always so fun for me – I play relaxing and happy music, and I try to be as creative and innovative as possible. For me, dinner is that time where I can experiment and be creative so tonight I will be making jalapeño turkey burgers topped with homemade guacamole on top of a bed of spinach with sweet slices of a banana. Doesn't it look very tropical and full of color! Mmm! 

Be sure to stop back over for a special look into our cozy little home ♡
xoxo ash

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