How To Eat Organic On A Budget!

February 23, 2018

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Bonjour chéris, happy Friday! The weekend is just but an arm’s reach away… so close I can taste it… the cheese on sample at Whole Foods Market that is! Today I want to talk about the big question on food lately; “Is it really possible to buy healthy organic foods on a budget?” the short answer is yes, yes you can but someone can tell you that and it doesn’t mean you believe them without factual evidence, am I right? Well look no further – I know, cheesy – I’m here to prove that to you! 

First you’ll need to understand the basic fundamentals of organics, non-GMO’s, and conventional foods and why they are what they are. In order to have an easier explanation, below is an info-graphic courtesy of

Whether you shop for food for yourself, or you and your partner you can eat healthy and organic on a budget when you use these tricks and tips. 

1. Always make a list! It saves you money when you know what you went to the grocery for. Plan for at least the weekday full of meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. 
2. When you are planning your meals make sure to cook with versatile ingredients for the week - that way you don't waste the food, or your money! 
3. Believe it or not but vegetarian meals are SO much less expensive than meats AND you can buy in bulk (bag of rice, bundles of spinach, etc.) that way you'll have "leftovers meal ideas".
4. Don't fret if you HAVE to have meat in your diet, I still eat meat at least once a week! Nick wouldn't survive if I only fed him tofu haha! Whole Foods always has sales on their meat products, and even if you don't eat "Step 4" meats there is still the lower steps that are at least Non-GMO! Try to limit yourself on it if you're on a budget, it is the most expensive food product at grocery stores. 
5. Don't limit yourself to just one grocery store for all your needs! That's where they getcha. Every store has different prices for the organics/non-GMO foods. I buy a lot of my produce and dairy from Trader Joes or Whole Foods - depending on the sales, where as my meats are bought from Trader Joes/Aldi or Walmart.

In case you are a visualizer like myself, below shows just how much it would cost to shop for organic food for the week - because I have an art degree and everything I do needs to be visually taught LOL. Everything on this table is needed for an entire weeks worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Plus, you'll have A LOT of leftovers! 

That's it folks! Proof that you can eat healthy meals and have them be organic or non-GMO 😊 Over the weekend I'll be preparing a whole organic meal for Nick and our friends and will post about that Monday morning. Au revoir mes chéris! 
xoxo ashley

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