Lemon Broccoli Chicken Pasta - Organic On A Budget!

Bonjour, mes chéris! Monday again, oh what fun will this week bring upon us!? Over the weekend I got to relive my middle school years by going to an alternative concert with the line up being The Devil Wears Prada, Falling In Reverse, Papa Roach, & A Day To Remember (AD2R)! I fangirled so hard when Jeremy McKinnon, lead singer for AD2R, came on stage. I went through a phase in my younger years where I was a “Scene” kid and basically lived my life listening to these bands all day long – LOL. On Sunday however I came back to reality and had a craving for cooking up something organic and yummy for my friends that Nick and I have been staying with. Guys, we only have ONE more day until we get to move into our amazing new apartment! I am so stoked!! I have appreciated and loved staying with our friends so much that I wanted to thank them by cooking up some scrumptious food so last night I made Lemon Broccoli Chicken Pasta. This recipe was the perfect meal for our sunny Sunday we had in Chicago, it is light and refreshing and will most definitely fill you up without making you feel like you ate your weight in pasta!

How To Eat Organic On A Budget!

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Bonjour chéris, happy Friday! The weekend is just but an arm’s reach away… so close I can taste it… the cheese on sample at Whole Foods Market that is! Today I want to talk about the big question on food lately; “Is it really possible to buy healthy organic foods on a budget?” the short answer is yes, yes you can but someone can tell you that and it doesn’t mean you believe them without factual evidence, am I right? Well look no further – I know, cheesy – I’m here to prove that to you! 

What I Eat In A Day

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Hi darlings! The other day my boyfriend, Nick, told me that his friends said I should start writing about what I eat and the nutritious facts that go into it all since "I know so much about healthy foods", and what I've noticed lately is that bloggers are writing about what they eat in a day per their followers requests. I figured I would get into that too! My daily routine consists of waking up at 5:00 AM to turn on the Keurig and start brewing a delicious roast of Starbucks Pike Place coffee.