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January 16, 2018

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Hi everyone!! My name is Ashley Kelley. I'm an adventurous, girly, goofy, outdoorsy kind of woman and I'm so exhilarated to finally have my voice out here! First days always seem to be the scariest for me. In college, every semester we had similar faces and unfamiliar faces and in order to get to know one another we liked to play a little game called "Break the Ice". I'll start by telling you a few cool facts about me!

Ever since I was six years old I had been performing as a figure skater, and at a very young age I learnt how competitive I was hah! I enjoyed nothing more than feeling the wave of excitement before, during, and after my competitions. And I realized that what I loved to calculate was how I could land this jump, spin, or glide gracefully and with poise. Living in Chicago I am blessed that we have ice rinks everywhere. I finally crossed something off my bucket list this past weekend, figure skate on a frozen pond rather an ice rink! I know it seems odd for such a small task to be on somebody's bucket list, but this girl is actually from Seminole, Florida where nothing freezes over!

Growing up, my family would always take road trips and camping trips all around North America. I've been to nearly all of the lower 48 states! My favorite place in America I have been to would be the Pacific North West. Mount Rainier National Park, Seattle, Portland, Oregon, and Yellow Stone National Park speak a thousand words I cannot describe. Because of these experiences, I have learned that my heart and soul belong to the wilderness. My dream and #1 on my bucket list is to climb and summit Mount Everest one day. 

Lastly, with my BA in Fashion Marketing & Management, I love finding new businesses that are on trend, affordable, and quality material! Here are the top three affordable clothing/shoes stores I shop at. 

1. SheIn - Currently my OBSESSION. I literally just bought the equivalent of $500 worth of trendy clothing/shoes/jewelry for $100. Also, SheIn is always having such great sales, including flash sales that start on Tuesdays and end on Thursdays, Buy 1 Get 1 for $0.99, and much more! 
2. Sole Society - This place is a little bit more higher priced than the previous but I have bought so many things off here and will contest that the quality is amazing for the price. I recently bought these sparkly pointed toe loafers for only $50!!

5. JustFab - I know, I know. You're probably thinking "Ashley, I already know about the $39.95 JustFab deal". I wanted to prove that they have quality products for so CHEAP! I have been using JustFab and Shoe Dazzle for some time now and really do love their products. I recently bought these super cute and totally unique pair of heeled sandals, with of course SPARKLE!

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